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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Real Story is the Hit Job on Mike Flynn

Obama officials and the establishment media continue to wave the scalp of resigned National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, trying to squeeze every last drop of anti-Trump narrative from the matter.

As I had said privately, Flynn was not long for remaining as NSA. It's not because he's a bad guy, and accusations that he was compromised by Russian intelligence are as absurd as the Trump dossier BuzzFeed published last month. It's just that Flynn wasn't ready for prime time; hopefully his replacement will be.

So here's the latest.

The New York Times published a report last night claiming "Trump associates" had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence, which other media outlets breathlessly hyped:



Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous. Trump tries to get you to stray from finding the truth and you follow him blindly. This is how dictators rise. This is how the rich continue to control the working class

Jim said...

Mike Flynn was one of the few generals that Obama 'relieved' of duty that had the nads to speak up against what the administration was doing.

Including cooking the books on intel products.

He was (and remains) very dangerous to the establishment/shadow/deep government.

You're right in a way, 10:47. This is how dictators rise-- through back-channel coups and character/political assassination.

Anonymous said...

When I think of how it would be with Hillary in the big chair, the woman who used the State Department and Clinton Foundation to further a worldwide dictatorship aim with the world's richest people, I laugh at the efforts of those who dig for dirt on President Trump.

Zorro said...

Gen Flynn mislead VP Pence according to President Trump's statement today....if your employee mislead you.....what might be the outcome?