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Thursday, February 16, 2017

20 Minutes, (or so) into This, I think Trump Missed The Point On The Cash


Barney Rubble said...


Steve said...

Trump is thinking the sheriffs are talking about the drugs or drugs plus cash, he clearly missed the fact that this confiscation is from finding cash only and presuming they are drug dealers.

Example: I need a new truck, and want a good deal at an auction 60 miles away. $400 down, cash on purchase, or pay 3% more for a credit card. I need to carry $8k-$10k cash with me through 4 counties to get there, and if I don't buy, drive through 4 to get home. Every week until I find the truck I want and am a successful bidder.

I get pulled over for a tail light out, and Deputy Fife finds my "Drug Money", and confiscates it.

For two years until I get a trial after paying a lawyer $3k.

Is this what President Trump was in favor of in this meeting? Is he perfectly clear on circumstance here?

You decide.

Anonymous said...

546 name 5 case this happened in? Name 10 or 20? Your example is fake.

Anonymous said...

Done this a many time. Hope you aren't speaking of Delaware Auto Exchange. There is nothing on their lot worth 8 or 10 large.

Anonymous said...

Starts at 26:27, and this is country wide, folks, whether it's a farmer bringing in from grain or cattle sales or anyone else just transporting cash from A to B, it should not be a crime. And, if I went to Mannheim, i'd be riding through 3x the counties! Just shut up and view the tape and vote accordingly, or I hope your Disney vacation ends in Virginia Beach!

Anonymous said...

The example is just that. The purpose is to provide an "example" of a legitimate situation, in which, a person will be violated because of the law. The commenter hit the nail on the head!

Great example.

I am AGAINST this law.

Steve said...

Actually, it start at 21mins about "asset Forfeiture" Listen up!

Anonymous said...

I suspect Trump is not aware of the full impact of asset forfeiture.