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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Indian Call Centers Become Major Centers for Defrauding Americans

A disturbing trend has emerged in India where call centers have cropped up for the sole purpose of scamming Americans out of money, The New York Times reports.

The scheme is simple: impersonate an Internal Revenue Service employee, threaten Americans with penalties, and demand immediate payment for back taxes.

The United States has been tracking this scheme from India since 2013, a period of time where Americans lost $100 million to scammers, with many of the victims being recent immigrants, according to a New York Times article from October.

Suhel Daud, an F.B.I. agent who serves as assistant legal attaché at the embassy in New Delhi, said India is now seen as a major center for cyberfraud.

Daud said several factors have contributed to this rise in cyberfraud cases: an increase in young, English-speaking job seekers, a call-center culture, super-efficient technology, and ingenuity.

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Anonymous said...

I get many of them from Credit refinance companies, and bogus calls from Microsoft. They all speak with a heavy accent and say their names are John, or Robert, or Jim.

Anonymous said...

I get calls daily from these people from India, to verify if a mortgagee's information is correct. I can barely understand 99% of these people, and a lot of them are extremely rude. One time when I was talking to one of those callers, I asked them where they were calling from. They hesitated telling me, but after I asked them for the 3rd time, they told me they were calling from India. With all of the people in this country that need a job, and would qualify at doing it, there is absolutely NO reason that a person from India should be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Buy a call blocker from Amazon. Is preprogramed to block known scam numbers. Those that do get through can be blocked by the customer. This devise has cut noticeably on the scam calls coming in and it gives on a feeling of power to block Skippy from India,

Anonymous said...

I never give out any personal information but I have a way of dealing with callers that some of you might want to employ. When I get a call from someone trying to sell something and they ask if I am the person they are calling I say yes thats me and then they go into their speil. I listen for a minute or so then I say hold on a minute someone is knocking on my door don't hang up I want to talk to you, then I go back watching TV. A couple of minutes later I say are you still there don't hang up I want to talk to you. After I have jerked them around a few times I say I don't anything and oh by the way go .... blank yourself and then hang up.It's always good for a laugh especially if there is someone else in the room with you.

Anonymous said...

Bomb them and any others pulling off this crap. That will put a damper on this problem.

Anonymous said...

Hello...hello...please speak up. Is that you David (SOB) sniffle...
....I have missed you so much....why don't you call more. I am not feet are swollen and I think the doctors are poisoning me a little each month. How is your friend Joey. .....and on and on and on...until THEY hang up and they NEVER call your number again.