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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Governor Hogan Asks For Our Input

Joe -

We have been fighting to bring commonsense back to Annapolis.

In less than two years, we have already accomplished so much.

We’ve passed two consecutive budgets without raising taxes, repealed the rain tax mandate, rolled back $700 million in taxes, tolls and fees, and created more than 70,000 new private sector jobs across the state.

But there is more work to be done and we can't do it without your support. This legislative session will be even tougher than the last and we need your help.

Please take a moment to take our 3-question survey to help us prepare for this year's legislative session!

Together, we are changing Maryland for the better. Thank you for your continued support!

The Hogan for Governor Team


Anonymous said...

No smart company would ever want to start a business in a liberal state. End of story. Freedom and less government is the answer just a fact but Maryland will never understand.

Anonymous said...

What are the 3 questions? And I agree with 5:30 am

Anonymous said...

I never benefited from the reduction of fees, gas tax still goes up in md due to inflation increases each year, I never go across the bridge so I don't pay any tolls or anything. What I want is a real tax Cut!!

Anonymous said...

What is most important to me is not listed. In fact I have yet to hear anything about this subject out of his mouth. How about repealing the stupid unconstitutional gun laws? You want my vote in two years, you will start with that. And before any liberal starts getting they're panties in a twist, I do not mean getting rid of background checks, blah blah, I mean in the way of having to give and have approved reasons for having a concealed weapon. So long as I'm not a felon or have any violence in my past I shouldn't have to give a reason for wanting one. The fact that I want one is all the reason there needs to be, as well as the ban on certain guns. I want a gun of my choice I should be able to buy one. Period.

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud that we voted for our first republican governor in years. Stop bashing Hogan, open your ignorant minds and see that he is making steps to right many wrongs made by O'malley and our ultra-liberal legislature. I'm glad he's seeking input from business owners, cut tolls, reduced administrative bs and is making government agencies (DMV) more accommodating. You Hogan bashers will never be happy because the glass is always half-empty to you. He can't overturn decades of liberal initiatives overnight!