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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Here Are the Executive Orders That Trump Is Signing on DAY ONE!

President-elect Trump has hit the ground running. Anything he can do to get America on her way to being great again that doesn’t require him to be sworn in and living at the White House, he is doing.

His right hand, Mike Pence was gracious enough to let us know yesterday that one of the first and foremost item on their priority list to complete once Trump is in the White House is appealing Obamacare.

Otherwise known as the Affordable Health Act, that isn’t actually affordable. Not even in the least bit.

Now Republicans everywhere in the nation are starting to explore how they can get any sort of replacement for Obamacare to pass, and preparing for the fight we all know the Democrats are going to bring to the table to defend their sorry healthcare act that has never worked nor will never work.

Now our Vice-President-elect has just graced us with some big news!


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