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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Trump’s Victory Celebration Of The CENTURY Is Almost Here And YOU’RE INVITED!

This year’s Presidential election was one of the most important in recent history. And now it’s time to CELEBRATE the Victory…Donald Trump is our President-elect and now we get to tell those whiny snowflake Liberals those four awesome words…“I TOLD YOU SO.”

You were told he couldn’t win…. “He’s not winnable,” they said. “Any other candidate could beat Hillary but Trump,” they said. Now we’re ALL finding out that we were RIGHT and ONLY Trump had the juice to beat Hillary Clinton. AND soon Trump will be sworn in and prove he’s the ONLY one who can help us to Make America Great Again. In that spirit, #CoalitionForTrump in association with #TeamTrump2016, invites you to join us aboard the “Victory” cruise liner – so we can all celebrate together! The country’s top Trump organizers who made it happen will be on board. You can also meet one of the Right Wing News owners and some of your favorite writers from Right Wing News! The best part is… YOU will be on board with hundreds of “We KNEW It” Trump supporters celebrating one of the most amazing wins in American history. Feels good to be on this side of history and this trip will mark the beginning of America’s greatness coming to light once more.

Trump Victory Cruise Details

YES, conservative capitalists are frugal. I’ll say it right now. We have negotiated this luxurious cruise to the rock bottom price of $300 per person. Carnival’s 893 foot cruise ship, “Victory,” will set sail on January 27th, from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. Four days and three nights of celebrating a renewed hope for our country, with ALL MEALS included and special surprises. The average cruise rate is about $300.00 per person based on double occupancy – all taxes included and depending upon the cabin you choose – you choose an inside – ‘surprise me’ cabin and it can go even lower. The more friends you put in your cabin and the cost goes even lower!

Make your reservations soon, as we want to be sure and flood the ship with Trump supporters! Cabins are selling out fast! Call Carnival Cruise Lines direct at 800-438-6744, punch in ext. 72063 or 70232 (when it asks for you to enter the employee or extension #) and give them this group code: 2SK9T2.


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