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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Army innovation brings next generation of tactical vehicles

Innovation moves fast, and in the military, that includes being ready for anything.

Inside the Army Test Center at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, it's a mindset turned reality in the vehicles that engineers tested to be battle ready.

"You'll see there on the side of the vehicle, it has those yellow restraints," said Greg Ramsey, mechanical engineer with the Army Test Center. "Using the restraints in that we can simulate the real-world environment for steering and handling and fuel-economy type tests."

Typically when testing vehicles like a medium tactical vehicle replacement, or M-TVR, they'll use an autonomous system because it'll give them more consistent inputs than a human sitting in there for what could be nine hours at a time.



Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis is already on the waitlist for one.

Anonymous said...

still, I love my m170...