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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tournament winner maintains no wrongdoing

United States District Court Judge Richard D. Bennett ruled last Friday that the White Marlin Open case against 2016 tournament winner Philip Heasley will remain in federal court in Baltimore and the administered polygraph test results will be admissible.

Heasley of Naples, Florida, landed the only qualifying white marlin during the 43rd annual White Marlin Open, held Aug. 8-12, and his 76.5-pound catch was worth $2,818,662.

But White Marlin Open organizers announced on Aug. 23 that there was a “possible violation” of tournament rules and the prize money would be held pending the determination of the proper recipient.

On Aug. 13, Heasley and David Morris, captain of the Kallianassa, took polygraph tests.



Anonymous said...

Rich white people problems. These tournaments should be banned. Catch and release only. They kill the fish that others could be catching and releasing.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your position, but respect your right to type it.

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