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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Immigrants Face Uptick Of Attempted Fraud

Just as when the U.S. Supreme Court deadlocked four months ago on the White House’s hopes to enact large-scale immigration reforms, the recent presidential election has left millions of immigrants uncertain about their status making them potential targets for fraudsters.

This afternoon, New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — in concert with a number of immigration advocates — issued a fraud alert, warning all consumers about the possible increased risk of immigration fraud.

“It is not a secret that in the last few weeks we’ve seen intense fear in many immigrant communities,” Schneiderman said during a news conference. “Frightened, desperate people are the number one targets of scammers.”



Anonymous said...

If you are a criminal you should be very scared that our laws are about to (finally) be enforced. Option B, leave voluntarily!

Anonymous said...

Those illegals should head to the boarder and get out before Trump puts them in jail

Anonymous said...

ever heard of Cloward-Piven?

Anonymous said...

I'm selling Frog Protection and making a killing!!!