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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Safety Regulators Hope A “Driver Mode” On Phones Would Curb Distracted Driving

Whether it’s Tweeting, SnapChatting, playing Pokémon Go, or just sending a text while on the road, it’s clear that smartphones present a potentially deadly distraction for drivers. Most states have banned or restricted texting while driving, but these problems persist. Now federal safety regulators are proposing new guidelines to curb distracted driving, including asking phone manufacturers to include a “Driver Mode” that would limit the use of a smartphone while behind the wheel. 


Anonymous said...

Is that like airplane mode?

Anonymous said...

Yes and no. They are still trying to decide if it will happen automatically or have to be user enabled as is airplane mode. Also airplane mode disables the phone function not the apps, while a driver mode would disable the apps and probably not hands free phone. My question is in an automatic mode how will the phone differentiate between a driver and the passenger. Keeping kids content with their smart phones in the back seat has been a great stress reducer on long trips.

Anonymous said...

I already have that on my Android. It announces who the call or text is from and will read the text to me and send a reply if I choose.

Anonymous said...

I've got that on my phone as well. It's a landline, and I can't take it in the car with me.