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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Milton police crack down on traffic violations

A letter to the editor outlining concerns at the Milton Fire Department has resulted in an outpouring of online support for first responders in town.

However, Milton Police Department Chief Robert Longo says his officers are not directly targeting volunteer firefighters on their way to the fire hall. Longo says officers are cracking down on traffic violations throughout town limits.

“I have a deep respect for the fire department,” Longo said. “My issue is we've had complaints, and we address all complaints.”

Longo said his department recently received eight or nine complaints from residents about volunteer firefighters speeding through town while responding to calls. Since then, Longo said, only one volunteer firefighter has been ticketed.



Anonymous said...

Maybe they should just walk to the ire house to get on the fire engine or ambulance. That would save lives.

Anonymous said...

I think they should ticket the paid Salisbury firemen driving to fast to Automatic Fire Alarms. Everyone with a brain knows that it isn't a real fire and never will be. They are putting my children and family at risk driving illegally like that.