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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bernie Sanders Asks The Only Relevant Question About The Wells Fargo Scandal

While one can accuse Bernie Sanders of being a socialist, a sellout or, now that his presidential campaign is over, a "has been", he is the only politician who has so far asked the only relevant question in the ongoing Wells Fargo consumer fraud fiasco. The following:

We wonder if anyone will ask John Stumpf a similar question at tomorrow's Senate Banking Committee hearing, or if - mysteriously - all Senators had a meeting with Stumpf (or Bill Clinton) on some hot tarmac, where for 45 minutes they discussed nothing but "grandchildren and golf."



Anonymous said...

It amazes me the lengths to which congress when after well fargo and refuses to look at their own scandals, Clinton's scandals, Obama's scandals and more. what a joke.

Anonymous said...

right out of Atlas Shrugs!

Steve said...

Great question, Bernie! But, I think we all know the answer before it's asked. But please ask anyway; the blubbering sputtering and grabbing at straws is always entertaining, and usually produces enough new lies that cross their other lies they've already told!