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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WARNING: The Clintons Plundered Haiti

We reveal how the Bill and Hillary screwed over hundreds of thousands of Haitians

After the devastating earthquake the Clintons and the United Nations brought with them a Cholera epidemic that infected 700,000 Haitians and killed at least 9,000, $6 billion of aid that was mysteriously squandered, Formaldehyde laced cancer causing trailers and a legion of corporations that would use Haiti’s humanitarian crisis to line their own pockets, taking 25% off the top of every project they were awarded.


Anonymous said...

Haiti was a gold mine for the corrupt. And in the case of Hillary's brother, lots of gold mines.

Anonymous said...

no accountability is why I don't donate to these drives. Remember text this # to donate 5 bucks for Haitian felief? They made millions.. Those people are still in tents.

Anonymous said...

Haiti was one of the earliest tests for HAARP equipment and earthquake activity. It worked very well.

Fukushima was another test. It worked fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hey, its what they do.