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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Katie Couric Sued by Second Amendment Patriots — for $12 million

Journalists are fair, impartial and unbiased reporters of nothing but the cold hard facts, right? Ha! Not in our country in 2016.

In fact, even America’s sweetheart and the news anchor who supposedly could do no wrong has been exposed for lying to and manipulating her audience in her latest documentary, “Under the Gun.”

Katie Couric, the director of the film, and the studios that produced the film are now facing a $12 million lawsuit for allegedly editing their anti-gun documentary in a defamatory way.



Anonymous said...

$12M is not enough. I also want her resignation!!!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't owe her resignation to you or me.
She owes it to her employer.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: I used to think Katie Couric was a decent person, but after this stunt my opinion has completely changed. A resignation is appropriate in this instance. Manipulating the news to fit your own personal agenda is completely unacceptable and she is well aware of it. Katic Couric, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

She is not ashamed as Dan Rather isn't for his lies or the media that has supported both these liars. That is the really sad part.

Anonymous said...

Guess what!!! the media is in on the new world order agenda..deceive & lie it is their mode of operandi. They do not know the true word, why would you expect people who worship Satan to think or do anything honestly