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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DETROIT: Black radio host pulled from air over being Trump supporter

Trump’s visit to Detroit is what set off the network to pull him from the air

A Detroit, Michigan radio host has been pulled from local airwaves for supporting GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after the New York business mogul visited the area on the campaign trail.

Wayne Bradley, a black Trump supporter, took to Facebook to say that he was put on “hiatus” after Trump visited Detroit, saying he has “not been allowed back on the air since.”

“Essentially, I feel like it’s because of Donald Trump,” Bradley told The American Mirror in an exclusive interview. “I’ve never been allowed back in the studio.”

“I was never told of anything, other than it was a ‘hiatus,’” Wayne said.



Anonymous said...

Main Stream Media moguls are pawns of the Democrat party bosses!

If you're not aligned with their politics and you show it publicly, you're toast!

Not Quite Understanding said...

Who's the racists now?

Anonymous said...

If this is entirely legit,and it probably is,a conservative minded station should go after this guy.