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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Soldier was Feeding her Infant When Thugs Broke In. She Returned Fire.

Home invaders bit off more than they could chew when they kicked in the door of 21-year-old SPC Semantha Bunce. To those that don’t know better, she seems like the typical suburban mom. But Semantha is a combat medic in the National Guard and that warrior spirit is why she’s still alive.

Having heard the invaders kicking in the door Semantha secured her child in the bedroom and retrieved her handgun.

When she startled the two criminals at the base of the stairs, they opened fire on her and a brief intense gun battle ensued.

Despite taking two hits in the gunfight, she crawled back up the stairs to check on her son before calling 911 – and then began treating her own wounds before the ambulance even arrived:



lmclain said...

Good work.

Anonymous said...

wonder if she wants another kid. she could get it.

Anonymous said...

Tyron Washington turned himself in, geez, I wonder what race he is, Duh!

Anonymous said...

Someone set up a GoFundMe page for her and her family, who will be recovering with her from this despicable act by those two low-lifes. $66,531 of $15k goal was achieved. It's now no longer accepting donations.

Anonymous said...

You are an American Hero God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

She is a Hero and we should have her on every news station instead of all the looting in South Carolina, Black Lives Matters and Collin Kapernick kneeling. We do not recognize the good enough but we sure know how to keep those idiots in the spotlight giving them just what they want.

Great job Samantha!! Keeping your family safe no matter what.

Anonymous said...

this chick ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

She's got the gun, and she's willing to use it. Now she needs some training on how to shoot accurately, so the police don't have to go and look for the assailants after they get away.

Anonymous said...

I am glad she defended herself.

A Hero is someone who sacrifices for others.
She defended herself and son.

Some of you may want to watch some movies so you can understand the meaning of the word "hero":

Lone Ranger