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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Report: All Three Clintons Called the Secret Service 'Pigs'

Former White House florist Ronn Payne claims that Chelsea Clinton learned from her parents to call the Secret Service “pigs,” according to the new book The Residence: Inside The Private World Of The White House by Kate Anderson Brower.

The Daily Mail reports:

As he walked into the second-floor kitchen one day, he saw Chelsea talking on the phone. A member of her Secret Service protective detail came in behind him to take the Clintons’ only child to school.



Anonymous said...

Figures the clintons are ALL POS.

Anonymous said...

There are terrorists in the 1%. Not all terrorists blow things or people up, some are far more nefarious.

Anonymous said...

That is what we all call police.
I guess the Secret Service is the closest thing they know of police.
Keep in mind, the Clintons are cocaine dealers from way back.