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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Census report an indictment of Obama, George W. Bush

While touting the new Census report on income and poverty in America, Barack Obama took credit for $2 a gallon gasoline, and immodestly shouted to his crowd of supporters: “Thank you, Obama.”

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but given that for eight years your administration has done everything to decapitate the oil and gas industry that gave us low gas prices, sorry, no thanks are in order Mr. President.

Even more amazing was Mr. Obama’s victory lap on the income numbers. Yes, incomes for middle class families rose by an impressive 5 percent in 2015. And poverty fell. Thank goodness. It’s about time.

But the Census report was anything but cause for celebration. It is a stinging indictment of the policy results of both the George W. Bush and the Obama legacies. They both miserably failed and are equally culpable for the sad state of the American family finances today.



Anonymous said...

And food prices rose some 30%, along with the price of every other commonly purchased item. That pretty much blows away the 5% increase in income, which, by the way, was taxed to the tune of another 30%. So, in the end, we're down, down, down.

Anonymous said...

Idiot after idiot and now we're going to have another idiot

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Obozo, we only have a few more months until your sorry ass is out from where it never should have been. Please try to do your best and simply stay on the golf course. We are tired of your lies and hearing your stupid narcissistic comments. Only the idiots and those who are blind to common sense, decency and freedom follow your ideology. History will not be kind to you because you have truly failed the American people as a leader. You deserve no credit because you simply have not earned it. Leading from behind while sitting down to take a leak doesn't qualify you for anything but more criticism which is exactly what you will receive. I look forward to putting your legacy behind me with all the other bad experiences I've had in my lifetime. Living with a complete disgrace for 8 long years has certainly been something I look forward to removing from my life. I have only two sincere words for you -- Good riddance.