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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama Administration Finalizes Social Security Gun Ban

On Monday the Obama administration finalized a Social Security gun ban that could prevent “tens of thousands” of law-abiding elderly citizens from purchasing guns for self-defense.

Breitbart News reported this ban on July 18, 2015, when it was learned that the Obama administration was creating a ban on gun purchases that would apply to Social Security recipients who needed help managing their finances. The Los Angeles Times reported that the ban would be sweeping; that it would cover those who are unable to manage their own affairs for a multitude of reasons–from “subnormal intelligence or mental illness” to “incompetency,” an unspecified “condition,” or “disease.”

In January, Obama incorporated the ban into his executive gun controls. A White House preview of those controls explained that the Social Security Administration (SSA) was putting together rules for how/when to enforce the ban:



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Unknown said...

This is interesting to anyone who has visited a Social Security office. Even though they deal in absolutely no cash, you will find ARMED guards there.

lmclain said...

Instead of PROMOTING ideas and policies that uphold the Constitution (which is part of the oath they take, by the way, which, surprisingly, doesn't really mean anything to them at all), they spend most of their time looking for ways (and laws, of course, with penalties) to TAKEAWAY and DIMINISH our rights.
Start hanging these socialist scabs.
They STILL don't get it, huh?
Its the mind set of these losers that THEY KNOW (and only them) what is best for everyone and everyone needs a babysitter and everyone is just too stupid to exist without their firm guidance and control.
Have I mentioned cutting off their breathing with about 12 ft of rope?
THAT is the only way they will stop.
keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Shall not be infringed . . .

Anonymous said...

That's okay Obummer, I hear that Donald has a phone and a pen