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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

5 Years Into Common Core, 15-Year-Olds Behind 35 Countries in Math

Students in the United States have fallen behind kids in many other countries, according to the two largest international benchmarking tests in math, science, and reading. Five years into the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (commonly known as "Common Core"), 15-year-old kids in the United States lag behind their peers in 35 other countries in math.

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2015 showed American students holding stagnant in science and reading, compared to results in 2012 and 2009, but far behind their previous results in math. Out of the 69 countries (and territories) tested, the United States ranked 39th.

In math, Singapore took the top spot, followed by four Chinese provinces: Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, and BSJG. Japan scored below Taipei and above BSJG. Many other countries ranked higher than the U.S., including Canada, Finland, Ireland, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta, and Israel.

America's 15-year-olds performed better in science and reading, only lagging behind 21 countries in each of those subjects. In both, Singapore took the top spot. Countries like Japan, Estonia, Ireland, Slovenia, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom still beat the U.S. in both subjects. While the U.S. ranked below average in math, America was roughly in the middle of education systems for these two subjects.



Anonymous said...

It makes one wonder what the teaching strategies are in the countries that produce better educated children and teens, strategies that we are obviously not using.

Anonymous said...

Not rocket science; they just present the material and students must absorb and actually 'work' to grasp and master it. An oversimplification of sorts but accurate.

Anonymous said...

get your children out of government/public schools now before your children are destroyed in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

You see if we had control of the money flow to start. We could dictate which schools get the funding. school vouchers now

Anonymous said...

The plan is right on schedule

Anonymous said...

10:19; kids in other countries are taught respect first. Also, being a country with entitlement mentality our kids have no reason to excel.

Anonymous said...

HELLO?????? ANYONE OUT THERE (boards of education at the state/local levels) seeing these horrible new stats???????

Anonymous said...

1) get rid of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND - if grades are bad fail them! If they are troublemakers - fail them or EXPELL them!
2) get rid of Common Core and go back to the old ways of teaching!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this stupid math in common core. What they need to do is just go back to simple arithmetic.

lmclain said...

We are worse in math than Latvia? F'ing LATVIA??

And Ireland, too?

Don't worry. OUR kids THINK they are really cool, smart, and important.
Self-esteem is at an all time high and everyone passes and graduates with a high school diploma, even if they can't even spell or write a complete sentence.
That self-esteem drops dramatically when they find out that best job stupid people get pays $8 an hour. For life.
If a kid doesn't want to learn or will not learn, stop blaming everyone and everything else BUT the child.