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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feds’ secret ‘Super Search Engine’ about to be not so secret?

Judge orders disclosure of 'Google on steroids' spy system used by cops

A magistrate judge has ordered the federal government to turn over hundreds of pages of information about a super-secret spy-on-Americans program that is run by AT&T called Hemisphere.

WND reported only days earlier how shareholders in the communications company were concerned enough about the controversial program to prepare a resolution for the company’s coming annual meeting calling for an investigation and report.

And that had followed a report when privacy experts asked AT&T to shut down the program that has been called “Google on steroids” for accessing “trillions” of records when it is rented out to police agencies and others.

Now, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the groups fighting the use of private call information in the program, says the judge, Maria-Elena James, has found the federal government hasn’t justified its “excessive secrecy” about the telephone surveillance effort.



lmclain said...

Keep cheering, you idiotic, brain dead, brainwashed lemmings.
When you get picked up in the middle of the night because you uttered several "keywords" (among about 20,000 or so of them) AND paid cash for a rental car a few days ago.
Remember this one fact (if you forget everything else, remember this one) --- YOU don't get to decide your innocence. THEY determine what is wrong and if you think they are all good guys and ALWAYS get the bad guys only, you have went from cheerleading to just stupid.
THOUSANDS of people have went to prison (!!) on less than what will get you picked up in the night by men wearing masks, full body armor, M-4's, and permission to kill you.
And if they "pick you up", even if it's in front of your wife and kids, they don't have to admit they have you in custody or tell your family anything. THAT is also a fact, thanks to the "leaders" of our republic.
Patriot Act. One of the biggest misnomers in all of history.
You cheered it like it was a cure for cancer.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Im Clain,
You are hilarious!
Thank you so much for your abuse.
I love every word of it.

Anonymous said...

Time to disconnect from the grid

I've said it before and I'll say it again, people that are on facebook are idiots

Anonymous said...

psst - Skynet was in a MOVIE!!!!!

lmclain said...

Refute me.

if you can......