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Friday, November 04, 2016

Woman missing since August found 'chained like a dog,' sheriff says

A woman who was reported missing in August along with her boyfriend has been found, and police say she had been held captive since her disappearance.

Kala Brown, 30, and Charlie Carver, 32, of Anderson County, were reported missing Aug. 31.

Greenville police said they found Brown Thursday morning at a home in Spartanburg County where she had been held against her will.

Deputies were searching the property off Wofford Road when they heard Brown banging on a metal storage container. Sheriff Chuck Wright said that information from a sex crime investigator led them to the property.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said Brown was “chained inside the container like a dog.” He said Brown told investigators she had been held in the container for two months. He said she had a chain around her neck. He said she had been fed regularly, but it was "the grace of God that she was found alive."


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