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Friday, November 04, 2016

A Hillary Clinton Indictment Is Coming

Doesn’t it seem like most of us are collectively holding our breath as we wait to see what will happen with this election?

We are now only a handful of days away from election day and the polls have really tightened up, there are unprecedented concerns about post-election violence, and the Democratic nominee for president could be indicted literally any day now. The American people are going to be absolutely shocked when the FBI finally reveals what they have discovered regarding Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials, corruption at the Clinton Foundation, and other “stomach churning” matters that normally aren’t topics of polite conversation. Without a doubt, a Hillary Clinton indictment is coming. The only question now is when it will happen.

The moment that FBI Director James Comey sent his letter to Congress, he knew that someone’s head was going on the chopping block. If Hillary Clinton does not get indicted, Comey’s career is over and there is a very good chance that he will be going to prison instead. There is no way that he would have ever put himself on the line like this if extremely powerful evidence had not already been found against Clinton.



Anonymous said...

Maybe he also uncovered damning evidence of treason committed by the president as well as Hillary, and the DOJ. May God protect Comey.

Anonymous said...

When I see a shooting star tonight I'll make a wish.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope. My concern is if she is elected we will have lost 240 years of hard work and sacrifice by so many. How can we let this corruption bring that down? Are we so numb to the facts that we are willing to elect a soulless liar and cheat who will stoop to nothing to meet her wants? I admit, her rival is a foul mouthed, egotistical, obnoxious person but I will take that any day over a far left progressive movement that will destroy the U.S.A.