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Friday, November 04, 2016

Email: Hillary Clinton Asked If Anthony Weiner Could Help Deliver Secure Cell Phone

NEW YORK — In an email released by the State Department on Thursday, Hillary Clinton asked senior aide Huma Abedin whether a trusted staff member working for Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, could deliver a secure cell phone to Clinton.

The August 2, 2010 exchange seems to evidence the close links between Clinton, Abedin and Weiner six years before the disgraced former Congressman found himself at the center of Clinton’s current email woes.

In the correspondence, Clinton and Abedin discuss the possibility of sending a secure cell phone by FedEx.

“OK I will (redacted) just fedex secure cell phone from dc. Anthony leaving office to bring me to airport now so hopefully will make it just in time,” Abedin wrote to Clinton.

Clinton replied the same day, “Maybe one of Anthony’s trusted staff could deliver secure phone?”



Anonymous said...

We can all see what it takes to be a trusted person in the Hillary camp: a disregard for truth.

Anonymous said...

scary to think who she was back-room dealing with that she needed a secure cell (burner) so that it could not be traced. also how many phones has hillary burned? i wonder if it more or less than the number of people that she's "burned".