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Friday, November 04, 2016

Boy dies two weeks after contracting polio-like disease that is sweeping the US

A six-year-old boy has died after contracting a mysterious paralyzing polio-like disease that is sweeping the US.

Daniel Ramirez was admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital on October 15, with slurred speech, drooling, incontinence, and pain in his leg.

At first his parents Marijo de Guzman and Jose Ramirez, of Bellingham, Washington, thought he had a stomach ache but tests revealed he was one of hundreds of children to have recently contracted a rare virus called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), which attacks the brain and the spinal cord.

The disease was first identified in 2014 when more than 100 children were hospitalized. Scores of them are yet to make a full recovery.

So far, the medical community remains largely ignorant about what causes the disease and how to treat it.



Anonymous said...

Keep packing those immigrants into the country and make sure they are evenly distributed! No need for screening anyone, either; now, move along!

Anonymous said...

That is what the indians said when you white people brought your diseases here from europe.

Anonymous said...

Just keep on bringing all the immigrants into our country and more people will just keep on dying. No screening, no immunizations against diseases, nothing, then put them right next door to most of us. Damn, just damn. And our government can't figure it out - Really??

Anonymous said...

its all of the illegal immigrants coming in from countries that have never heard of vaccinations. the last few years have seen the resurgence of many diseases and maladies and vermin that have been eradicated for years in the US. Does anyone really think that the thousands of cases of tuberculosis, whooping cough across the US are mere coincidence? where the hell did all of the bedbugs come from all of a sudden? IMMIGRANTS! and hillary wants to bring in even more. THANKS A LOT, DEMOCRATS!