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Friday, November 04, 2016

Poll: 5 Percent of Democrats Say FBI Announcement Makes them Less Likely to Vote for Clinton

Five percent of Democrats say the news that the FBI renewed its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server makes them less likely to vote for the secretary of state, according to a CBS News poll.

The survey questioned voters in 13 battleground states and found “a sizeable third of Democrats” say the FBI news is bad.

CBS News reports:

There’s a suggestion the new email issue could limit Clinton’s chances of growing beyond the base that already supports her. Only 5 percent of Democrats say it could make them less likely to vote for Clinton, and among voters overall, 71 percent say it either won’t change their thinking, or in some cases, they’re already voted.

Most of those who say they’re less likely to vote for Clinton are Republicans, who are not supporting her anyway. Just 5 percent say it all depends on what is in the emails, a wait-and-see approach. Overall, 52 percent of battleground voters expect the emails to contain “more of what we already know” and 48 percent – the largest group of which are Republicans – expect things that are additionally damaging to Clinton.

The poll also found that many of Clinton’s supporters don’t believe she is honest.



Anonymous said...

imagine that; only 5%...they're all heathens.

Anonymous said...

Exactly 10:17! Hillary could murder someone on a campaign stage and 95% would still vote for her. Very reason why I have started distancing myself from democratic friends and family. They are really beginning to disgust me. But they probably already despise me because I own guns and believe if you lose you do not get a trophy.