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Friday, November 04, 2016

Aide Claim Hillary Smells Like Boiled Cabbage, Urine & Farts

If even her CLOSEST advisors mock her, how can she POSSIBLY be considered ‘Presidential’?

Ah, Wikileaks… the gift that keeps on giving.

How must Hillary feel, now that she’s learning how people REALLY feel about her?

‘Et tu… Podesta?’

Yes.. Podesta himself wrote this one. He KNOWS her and doesn’t respect her. But YOU are supposed to vote for her. Right? Yeah, right.

Here’s the screenshot:

And in case it’s hard to read on your phone, here’s the text.


Anonymous said...

Rotten to the core...rotten is as rotten can't make this stuff up. emails, the gift that keeps on giving. thank you for all the hackers and Assange.

Anonymous said...

Evil has a foul smell,seriously.Not just a physical condition but a spiritual condition as well.A person really does not have to be a psychic to know evil is around.The smell gives it away.

Anonymous said...

Depends are only good for a limited amount of urine capture, and must be changed (along with washing the skin) at least twice daily to avoid odor and skin breakdown.

Anonymous said...

This is why flies keep landing on her.

Anonymous said...

this witch should wear depends on her face

Anonymous said...

before she meets with putin make sure they spray that pig down with Lysol and fabreeze, how embarrasing

lmclain said...

"...encouraging her to take a shower ONCE IN A WHILE (emphasis mine)..."

Hillary needs to be TOLD to take a shower?

When your own staff says your instincts are terrible, your judgment is horrible, you are unpredictable and crazy, plus you don't shower and you smell bad, AND the FBI has TWO criminal investigations with your name on them, well, it ain't looking good.
For America.
keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Even her own people don't think she should be in the oval office.She needs to be in a medical hospital then a mental hospital then a prison hospital for many many years.