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Friday, November 04, 2016

Shell Shock: Woman’s Pet Turtle of 78 Years Goes Missing In Md.

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–A woman in Catonsville is beside herself after her pet for more than 78 years goes missing.

With temperatures in the 70’s on Thursday a Baltimore County pool sits empty.

Catonsville resident, Gloria Todd says she’s had her pet turtle, Moses since she was 5.

“He lived with me till September 12th, for 78 years.” said Gloria.

Now, the slider turtle has slid right out of sight.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I know so much how you feel! I had a tortoise in Illinois that I taught to sit up to eat his lettuce! For 6 years, he was our "Tank" defending the Army guys in the sandbox. Then, he was gone one day in the fall. No more Terry for the winter. So sad, but then, Mrs Jacobs called with great news in the spring. She was spading up her garden and had dug up Terry!

We had him another 6 years before he got away again, never to be found.

So, keep the faith, darling! And take up some gardening in the spring. It just may pay off!

Love, Gary B.

Anonymous said...

Regardless what it may be it is her pet and I hope they reunite.