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Friday, November 04, 2016

Corps To Dredge Inlet Over Weekend, Return Later In Month

OCEAN CITY — The Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to arrive in Ocean City on Friday to begin a quick-fix dredging project at the Inlet in advance of a large project scheduled for later this month.

The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) was able to arrange for its hopper dredge Currituck to make a pit stop in Ocean City over the weekend to conduct the dredging of some shoaling hotspots in the Inlet. The Currituck, based out the ACE Wilmington District in North Carolina, is expected to arrive in the area sometime Friday on its way to its next scheduled dredging project in New Jersey.

This short-term quick fix will focus specifically on the authorized navigation channel in the Inlet. ACE crews will remove roughly 5,000 cubic yards of material. The maintenance work is expected to help improve navigation conditions in the federal channel. The Currituck will be targeting some of the usual hotspots in the channel including the regular trouble spot between buoys 11 and 12 as well as the area near the Coast Guard Station and the seawall between buoys eight and 10.



Anonymous said...

This really gets me , we are always fighting nature for our pleasure , it reminds me of Dr. Judith Stribling and her venture at Nanticoke park to stop beach erosion , what a joke , she really screwed up that beach with safety issues of stakes sticking out for people or animals to trip or impale themselves on , what a mess . Mother nature is GOD , remember that.

Zorro said...

2:42. great points, but remember in the LAST DAYS, people will worship the creature instead of the CREATOR....