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Monday, November 07, 2016

WIKILEAKS: Clinton Had New Intern Problems 10 Years After Monica Lewinsky

Former President Bill Clinton’s intern problems didn’t end with Monica Lewinsky in the White House, but continued into his post-presidency at the non-profit bearing his family name and were a factor when Hillary Clinton was being considered for Secretary of State in 2008.

A blistering November 2008 internal management review by a Clinton Foundation attorney told the charity’s top executives to move “immediately” on a number of recommendations, including establishing a new “sexual harrassment” policy and ending the practice of promoting interns into jobs they couldn’t handle.

Attorney Kumiki Gibson pointed in the review report to “the head of the Harlem office [who] has admitted that she likes hiring and/or promoting interns, despite the fact that many of these individuals have no to little experience outside the foundation and the fact that this office is located in a city with vast talent pool.”


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Anonymous said...

It is now easy to understand just how corrupt the Clinton Machine is.
Unbelievable way to run a non-profit.