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Monday, November 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton Should be in Jail, Not the White House

There is absolutely no reason anyone should still be “struggling” with the choice for President.

Voters do not have a choice between a perfect candidate and three others, but it is a national embarrassment that the Democrat candidate belongs in jail and not on the November ballot.

The only reason anyone should vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8 is give formal representation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to the nation’s criminal class. Clinton would indeed represent that class very well.

The scandal is that Hillary Clinton would already be in jail as the head of an international crime syndicate if she were not being protected by the media establishment and Obama’s political operatives in the Department of Justice. The ferocity with which she is being defended despite her pubic record betrays the moral bankruptcy of too many of elites– not only in government but in the media, the universities, law firms and in the business community.

Does anyone need a list of her crimes and her national security fiascoes? Should we ask voters to print a list of known crimes to take with them to the polling booth as a reminder? Maybe the Trump campaign should publish in the top 50 newspapers a full page ad providing a simple list of the top 100 reasons to send HRC back to Arkansas — while she awaits her day in court.



Anonymous said...

If DOJ and FBI archived the evidence and not pull a Hillary and destroyed evidence she can still be jailed along with Bill and the complete bunch.

Anonymous said...

And every one of her supporters believe that being a criminal is okay.