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Monday, November 07, 2016


"I hear that train a comin’
It’s rollin’ round the bend.
Gonna pick up Mrs. Clinton
And take her to the pen.
They’ll have her coronation
Make her cell block queen
Hillary for prison...
two thousand and sixteen
They’ve got an orange pants suit
Hangin’ on the wall
And a cell for Bubba Willie
Just a little down the hall.
We’ll put ‘em in the big house
Lock them up inside.
Unless a whole lot of witnesses
Commit suicide.
Remember James McDougal
And 20 or 30 more
About to testify, they found ‘em dead upon the floor.
Now they’re pilin’ up the bodies
Like they did back then
They want back in the White House
Here we go again.
Glue the china to the table
Nail the table to the floor
Lock up all the silver
‘fore they haul it out the door
White trash in the White House
Beats all I’ve ever seen.
Hillary for prison
two thousand and sixteen."



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, corruption runs very deep within our government and the Dems openly show it now, with no attempt to hide. Doom lies ahead as God's wrath is poured upon our Nation. It's already started with more earthquakes in various places, unprecedented flooding, unfathomable child abuse and murder, etc.

Anonymous said...

Put her in insane ward not prision.

Not Quite Understanding said...

I had to share this one on FaceBook! Last minute dig!

Anonymous said...

YES - Hillary for Prison, 2016, that is exactly where she should be.