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Monday, November 07, 2016

Wicomico Council Votes 6-1 To Repeal Impact Fees

SALISBURY – Members of the Wicomico County Council voted 6-1 to repeal impact fees in a meeting Tuesday evening.

This vote came after months of discussion among the county’s elected officials, who debated the effects of impact fees on the county’s residents and businesses, and its annual revenue budget.

Currently, those building new homes in Wicomico County pay more than $5,000 in fees, approximately three percent of the medium home price in the area. The amount then goes to fund the county’s public schools.

Yet, stagnant growth across the county has made officials consider a repeal proposed by County Executive Bob Culver.



Anonymous said...

They need to repeal the septic mound requirement as it makes a chunk of any property a useless eyesore!

Anonymous said...

That is why I bought a second home in FL rather than building a new home on my waterfront property.

Anonymous said...

Now repeal the sprinkler requirement. Then vote out Earnest Davis.

Anonymous said...

Your septic mound would look a lot better and be more useful if you turned it into a putting green, with a cup and flag. Invite your friends over for some chipping and putting and beers.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick when I hear Democrat Politicians talk about the need for "Affordable Housing". Get rid of Democrats and we could have affordable housing. They are responsible for the laws that cause building costs to go up every year.