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Monday, November 07, 2016

Judge denies claims against Harbeson garage

After years of complaints, Charles Williams allowed to fix cars on his property

A Chancery Court judge has denied that building code violations prevent Charles Williams from fixing cars on his Harbeson property.

In his final opinion issued Nov. 4, Judge Sam Glasscock said Williams is allowed to continue his car repair hobby and his garage can stand. 

A Chancery Court judge has denied all claims against a Harbeson man whose neighbors say he is operating an illegal car repair shop.

In an opinion released Nov. 4, Chancery Court Judge Sam Glasscock addressed what he referred to as “officious intermeddling” by neighbors of Charles Williams who filed suit asking that Williams’ garage be torn down because of violations with county and building codes.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic decision. Now those pesky neighbors can try to get a real life and start minding their own business.

Anonymous said...

Finally a little common sense - these must not be liberal judges....

Anonymous said...

Give it a break you rednecks....not everything is political.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to talk about neighbors?
We live on 25 acres and my neighbors who are MSP Officers live on approximately 10 acres in Worcester County. I went out to walk my dogs last night and we have a line that joins part of our property together. I looked back down the line and saw a huge person standing in the middle of the line with a black jacket and hoodie up. I started to walk towards the person and they darted in to the woods and disappeared. I walked down and could not find anyone. I told my husband and he came out to look for the guy. Then we saw the MSP Mike that lives next door with his friend outside. I said excuse me were you or anyone you know just walking down the path? The MSP Officer said GET OFF MY PROPERTY! I said excuse me Officer Mike I was just walking my dog and someone was in a hoodie and disappeared in the woods THEY BOTH SAID GET OFF MY PROPERTY YOU ARE STANDING ON MY PROPERTY. They refused to answer the question If it was indeed them following me. I said I am asking you a question it is a yes or no question. They finally said it was us. Well it was his wife. The MSP officers were not going to tell me that it was MSP Officer Mikes wife. He MSP MIKE also told a officer from MSP that lives behind us to cut some brush down so they could hunt this season. The MSP Officer took his 4 wheeler and drove all on our property through all of our trails without asking if he could go on our land! My husband asked him did you take your 4 wheeler on our property and he said yes I saw the trails and kept riding. DNR told me they are not above the law and that we should report them to the commander of the barracks what do you think? This is not the first time they have done this. I have a report on them from last year trespassing on our property? Do you think MSP or any officers are above the laws?

Anonymous said...

8:46 AM - Of course they are. The wall of blue. They know all the prosecutors and judges. There must be overwhelming evidence before a club member is charged with any crime.

Anonymous said...

My point is they were clearly trying to intimidate and scare me. People in blue were always people I have respected my entire life. I find it appalling that an officer that I live next door to would go out of their way to antagonize my family. When we moved in here I heard the guy was pulling over the workers that were building his house and giving them tickets. I thought no that can't be. Now I realize they were telling me the truth. I think he should worry more about his own family and less about mine.
By the way my MSP neighbor you and your friends call yourself hunters? I didn't know a hunter had to put corn and syrup four feet from the deer stand. Should I post the pictures? This is for the other hunter who put the baby deer in my yard with his tail cut off. Should I post those pictures? BTW I have nothing against a real man who is a real hunter.

Anonymous said...

So was the deerstand on his property? If so how did you get pics of it? Maybe they had deer cams set up and saw you snooping around taking pics and felt you are harassing them, in turn following you to make sure you weren't going on their property again.