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Monday, November 07, 2016

'AMAZING!' Hillary praises Jay-Z's explicit campaign concert

Progressive privilege?

Even the N-word and F-bombs weren’t worthy of Hillary Clinton’s condemnation last night — likely because they were for her benefit.

During an appearance in Pembroke Pines, Florida today, Hillary praised Jay-Z’s foul performance for her campaign.

“I gotta say, last night, I was with Jay-Z and Beyonce,” Clinton said braggadociosly.

“They were amazing. You can go online and watch it. It was the most extraordinary show!” she added.

But the performance was criticized because of the explicit and racially-charged language.



Anonymous said...

He didnt say the P-word so his concert was okay

Anonymous said...

Not saying I disagree but you have to admit there's a difference between a show or performance and what someone says who is running to be the President. TRUMP 2016