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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Parents of slain DNC staffer beg for information about son's death

The parents of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich are vowing to not let his case go unforgotten and unsolved.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Mary and Joel Rich, accompanied by GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman, begged the media for help in solving their son's case. Seth Rich was shot twice in the back and killed in July in what police say was a botched robbery — despite his wallet, phone and watch not being stolen.

In the months since the killing, no arrests have been made. But Mary Rich compared herself to a mother bear looking out for her cubs, saying she refuses to give up on the search.

"My cub is dead, but that doesn't mean anything. We will find his murderer," she said. "But, we need all of you to help us bring his murderer to justice."



Anonymous said...

His murderer just lost the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

The murderers work for the same BOSSES as the witch who lost the POTUS election.

lmclain said...

Add THAT murder to the several DOZEN unsolved - read that again -- murders that are assocoiated with the Clinton's and their various enterprises.
That many unsolved murders that can all be tied to ONE THREAD (association/business dealing with the Clinton's) would alarm even a rookie prosecutor, but for thirty years the Clinton's have always said "there's no evidence", or "there's not single witness", or "they are lying....AGAIN".
Just like her erasing 30,000+ emails, the mysterious disappearance of boxes of evidence, the destruction of multiple devices under subpoena, etc, she is adept at getting rid of evidence, including the humans who have it.
People close to her and bill are AFRAID of them. For good reason.
Keep cheering.