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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dear Main Stream media

I think we all get it, you don't like President Elect Donald Trump. I think we also now get the fact that you simply can't let go of the fact that Donald Trump, (against all odds) actually won the election. 

However, when I watch broadcasts where you go to a Chinese manufacturing plant in the U.S. where they took over a GM Plant and as you claim may end up hiring "thousands" of Americans, yet you claim Trump is against the Chinese, you show just how ONE SIDED you are in yet another bias story. To PLANT in peoples minds they will eventually hire "thousands" is just plain BS. I'll tell you what. How about you just start telling the truth first and when they grow from hundreds to thousands you come back and expose the TRUTH when it actually happens. 

You do NOT show how many BILLIONS of products come into America, while American products get denied export to China. Your reporting just plain sucks and needs to be stopped.

Ladies & Gentlemen, THINK! The majority of people now watching the daily news are older. Many of the people viewing these programs still get a daily newspaper, but they're dropping off quickly. We are experienced Americans who are not stupid. While we have tolerated this crazy form of brain washing, times are a changing and we're starting to fight back.

The MSM is trying to convince all of us that they can not only read the mind of our next President, they do so almost convincingly just to stir the pot and act as if they're trying to pamper the Clinton crowd. Even our local news stations are proving every day they cannot and will not support our newly elected President, yet were so proud to have elected our first "black President" not once, but twice. NOW all of a sudden they are now calling Obama "HALF WHITE". 

Perhaps this upcoming year Salisbury News returns to a daily news broadcast that will compete with our local media. We have already started making changes for 2017 and I think this will be the right time to compete with the local MSM on their own turf. 

So the question here is, are you tired of the Main Stream Media, (MSM) attempting to brain wash you on a daily basis with false and fabricated stories?


Anonymous said...

OK, the absolute hypocrisy you have been oozing for two weeks is just disgusting. Do you even realize that what you are railing against today is the exact thing you have been doing for more than 8 years now?

Anonymous said...

100% yes

Anonymous said...

I've had enough of a certain moron typing "bias story" when what he means is "biased story." Didn't they teach proper English back in your day?

Anonymous said...

SBY news returns to a daily news broadcast! YES!

JoeAlbero said...

12:15, are you implying we are lying? If so, might I suggest you go elsewhere for your news.

JoeAlbero said...

Or perhaps, are you from the local media and this is where you actually get your local news?

Anonymous said...

I was tired of their lies years ago, I refuse to watch boc and 47. I'd watch your broadcast everyday Joe.

Anonymous said...

My Thanksgiving prayers have already been answered! The Daily Waste of Times still doesn't get it. Look at the local election results: a majority of voters voted republican, yet the DWofT continues to push leftist ideas- not only in the editorial page, where it belongs, but in the stories they CHOOSE to print. Don't believe me? Use a simple ledger sheet and, after reading the story, make a mark under conservative or liberal. I would bet that over 90% are left-leaning.
If my clients were vegetarians and I served burgers, I would change the menu. The Daily Waste of Times will die a slow death if they continue to make liberal Kool-Aid that we are sick of drinking.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I'm sick to death of the MSM. And frankly, the FOX News staff of Shepard Smith and M. Kelly don't have my vote either. They can't even hide their dislike of President Trump especially Shepard Smith.

I know I can get the truthful facts from your outlet and I wish you much success in the future.