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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Left on Trump

For members of this list serve to debate Trump's place in the right wing continuum, whether it is far to the right, even approaching Fascism, or whether Trump is merely a loudmouth, in my opinion, is conceding to the left that Trump might be a threat to American life.
An inquiry into Fascist elements in American life should look at the left.

Consider the following:

1. The radicals who caused disturbances at Trump's rallies echoed Mussolini's blackshirts who disrupted the peaceful political gatherings of their opponents.

2. The mass demonstrations rejecting the Trump election hark back to the Fascists who refused to accept their minority status and resorted to violence to overturn the results of free elections. Republicans did not demonstrate in 2008 and 2012 when Obama won and they would have been similarly resigned, if Hillary had won.

3. Most distressing of all is the left's demonization of the opposition -- another tactic from the Fascist playbook. Mussolini defined his opponents as unpatriotic Communists, even when their only fault was dissent, and he jailed them. Demonization reached its apogee with Hitler who, as we all know, lied and lied about the Jews. Hate was a Nazi specialty.

Let's look at demonization -- American style. Trump's supporters are accused of being racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, stupid, and full of hatred. What evidence do leftists give for this demonization. Instead of evidence, leftists present lies. They accuse Republicans of hating immigrants. The fact is that Trump and his supporters are not opposed to immigration; they are opposed to illegal immigration. The whole leftist indictment of Trump on this issue is a colossal misstatement and a hateful lie.

Then there is Trump's alleged hatred of Muslims. Trump has said that Muslims refugees from the Middle East should be carefully vetted to weed out terrorists. Is this not common sense? But the left prefers to lie about Trump and Muslims. As for African Americans, Jews, and gays, Trump said nothing about them in the campaign.

Vicious lying about a targeted group is hate, and a mainspring of Fascism.

There is hate in today's America -- lots of it -- and it comes from those who proclaim love and tolerance while they demonize Trump's supporters.

4. Finally, the left has gone beyond lying and hating. It has been punishing dissenters. The IRS has given a rough time to right-wing organizations and when Congress asked questions, the IRS claimed its computers had crashed. The leftist media and Democratic politicians ignored this obvious fiction because they approved of the persecution. We can only imagine how a President Hillary Clinton would have intensified this persecution -- while the lapdog, liberal media, with The New York Times in the vanguard, would see little, if anything.

Lawrence Squeri

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Anonymous said...

Remember that time when President Obama renounced his supporters Jeremiah Wright, Lois Farrakhan and, the BLM for saying racist things