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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PA College offered extra credit to students who protested Trump!

It’s a good thing my kids don’t got to this university. I would not pay for such radical politicization of studies and activities. The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work encouraged professors to give extra credit to students who participated in a radical Leftist rally in downtown Pittsburgh against President-elect Donald Trump. Students who are not of a Marxist mindset are offended by this and scholastically are persecuted for not agreeing politically with their professors. They are discriminated against and feel ostracized.

Universities have become indoctrination centers for the hard Left in this country. And its not just universities, its high schools, Jr. highs and grade schools as well. The Marxists are brainwashing our kids into revolutionaries. This is why I advocate home schooling and private schools. These people in a short period of time will turn your child into someone you don’t even recognize anymore. They are spoon-fed hate daily.



Anonymous said...

This university and any others like it promoting such activities against our government process, which is what it is, should have federal taxpayer dollars cut off.

Anonymous said...

Pitt's main building is a high-rise.

Locals refer to it as The Tower of Babel or The Height of Ignorance!

This action is perfectly in sync with those descriptions.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Mc Carthy was right all along.