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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Obama twists the knife in Hillary Clinton's disastrous campaign

Hillary Clinton's allegedly tense and stormy relationship with President Obama is likely to become a lot more complicated now that the commander in chief is out publicly criticizing her disastrous 2016 campaign.

The failed presidential candidate's greatest mistake was that she ceded white rural voters to her opponent, Donald Trump, Obama told reporters this week.

The former secretary of state and her campaign team focused all of their time and energy on targeting urban areas, while ignoring voters in surrounding rural territories, many of whom had supported Obama. In certain states — Wisconsin, for example — she did not even bother to campaign because polling showed that she was far ahead.

For Obama, whose 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns included staff dedicated specifically to rural outreach, Clinton's strategy was, for lack of a better word, lazy.



Anonymous said...

She failed. Let's leave it at that. The Dems will be strategizing to undo those mistakes next time around.

Anonymous said...

Obama's support was due to his race. He capitalized on the "white guilt" that the government lays on us. Lilly white Hillary did not have that advantage, nor will any other white candidate in the future. And as a result of Obama's presidency, no black candidate will have that advantage either.

Obama was an American experiment. After 8 years, the results are in. Putting the first black man in the office of the Presidency (because of his race)has been an utter failure. He has divided this country, as no other.

Anonymous said...

How will they strategize a pile of corruption? Stolen questions, leaked video of starting fights and CNN lying for 18 months. So much has to be done to clean up the DNC I don't see it happening. Time for big changes in DNC.

Anonymous said...

It must be getting awfully crowded under that bus.

Anonymous said...

F---orget her I'm glad she's gone.

Anonymous said...

She is proving every day with every word she utters what most Americans already knew, she was only pandering to a specific race only for their votes and nothing more. The truly sad thing is some of them actually believed her.

Anonymous said...

She just physically ran out of steam and couldn't endure and keep up.