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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Government spies on 95 percent of holiday credit card purchases, senator warns

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) — Holiday shopping season is a spending free-for-all and the government is monitoring every credit card swipe without Americans’ knowledge or consent, warn congressional Republicans.

“They know what you bought,” said Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga. “They know what you paid for it with – if you paid with a credit card or debit card.”

In other words, Macy’s knows you bought mom that vase, and so do government regulators.

But bureaucrats overseeing the project say it’s not that simple.
‘Rogue agency’

This is a major operation.



Anonymous said...

This makes me glad that I finished Christmas shopping in August.

Anonymous said...

Thata why they want cash to dissapear so they can spy on you and controll you with these cards.Sheeple and millenials will go along with it too.I always have cash and buy large items with cash.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why all hispanics use cash at walmart.

Anonymous said...


You are correct.

Anonymous said...

Let me get my tin foil

Anonymous said...

Use Cash.

Sand Box John