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Thursday, November 17, 2016

TOMI LAHREN - Good try Soros BUT | Final Thoughts


Anonymous said...

Where are our congressmen? Silent.

Anonymous said...

How can this scumbag Soros mess with our government and elections and not be held to account?
Why isn't this creep charged with RICO or Mob action?

Anonymous said...

Soros not only messes with our government but look at what he's done to Ukraine, Alberia, Libya, etc. He's on a mission to force a one-world government (sound familiar?) but it won't happen with power-hungry dictators around the world. World War III will occur first. Putin even said that Hillary would have started WWIII if she was elected. But it would've been Soros behind it. WikiLeaks e-mails revealed how much Hillary sought and received advise from him.

Anonymous said...

1:36 RICO or mob action? I want how this scumbag is still alive.

Anonymous said...

Wake up folks

George Soros is ELITE.

He is one of the bosses.
The government works for him.