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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Childcare costs skyrocket after minimum wage hike passes

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Thanks to Washington voters, folks making minimum wage will soon be getting more money, but will some see that money evaporate as child care costs skyrocket?

At least one local daycare says it will pass those pay increases on to the families with kids.

We heard from one mother today who will be paying $300 more a month for childcare.

Before her phone call, it's something we hadn't thought of - and, apparently, some voters hadn't either.

Parents that bring their children to Advent Lutheran Child Center here in Spokane Valley recieved quite the shock this week when they were told that the pay increase to the workers will be coming out of their pockets.

Heidi Perry, director of Advent Child Care, explained that many parents were not happy with the idea of the cost increase. "I think there was a little bit of sticker shock. I had a lot of parents who walked into the office last night or this morning and say 'am I reading this right?' And I said yes you are."

Perry spoke with one parent who voted in favor of the initiative not realizing that it would affect child care.



Anonymous said...

I guess people thought that the democrats had a money tree that would help businesses pay the increase. Typical democratic unintended (not so unintended) consequence.

Anonymous said...

Don't breed them if you can't feed them. Republicans are against abortion but don't want to pay for welfare babies. Make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

12:13 So if that minimum wage increase was to pass here are you saying Republicans should have to pay for it or are you saying the increase in pay should come from the government(the taxpayer)? I just don't understand just what you are trying to say with that statement.

Anonymous said...

How about personal responsibility. Maybe, do not have a child if you can not afford that child.

There are countless programs for birth control that are free. There is zero excuse to bring a child into this world unless you can take care of them.

Anonymous said...

Well,12:13 and 5:56, I guess everybody with a three year old who 4 years ago could afford to have a son or daughter should have been clairvoyant enough to predict doubling the minimum wage this year?

So what now? Kill their offspring so they can afford food?

How ignorant can you possibly get?

Blame it on the voters who couldn't do basic grade school math that OK'd the wage hike. They are the doofus' here.

Anonymous said...

Typical of liberals to disregard the consequences of their actions. Any idiot with half a brain knows childcare providers are paid minimum wage or if they are lucky a little more. I read a study a few months ago that said if a couple has more than 2 kids, it actually pays to have the wife stay home with the kids. And it's better for them too.
Does she realize, Trump, who she probably voted against, wants to make ALL childcare costs tax deductible.

Anonymous said...

The consumer ALWAYS pays folks, ALWAYS.

Anonymous said...

The consequences are intended. Democrats want more people on the welfare roles so they can control more people. Paying more for child care means less for living expenses like food and rent. This allows more to get welfare so they can make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

7:43 you are absolutely correct. This is the mindset (or lack of) of the voting public today; under or uninformed. They just don't get it and like you say it is simple economics.

Anonymous said...

This shows you how indoctrinated the US society has become. They think about their selves and not that there is always consequences. They don't know how businesses are run. they pass cost to consumers. That is how they make money and stay in business to pay wages etc.

Anonymous said...

This calls for another "Told You So".