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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Red-light camera exec gets $2M fine, 30 months in prison for bribery scam

The former CEO of a red-light camera firm who bribed officials in two states got her own chance last week to appear before a judge, who doubled her prison time to 30 months and imposed a $2 million fine.

Karen Finley, former chief executive of Redflex Traffic Systems, was found guilty of paying off a Chicago official to help the company win contracts to install the cameras, which catch and ticket speeders, at traffic lights. She was already serving a 14-month sentence for her role in a similar scheme in Ohio when the federal judge threw the book at her Thursday.

Finley paid off John Bills, the No. 2 official in Chicago’s Transportation Department, to steer tens of millions of dollars in contracts to Redflex, which is based in Australia and has U.S. headquarters in Arizona. Bills, who rose to his position from street lamp maintenance man over a 30-year career, was sentenced in August to 10 years in federal prison.

A pal of Bills’, Martin “Marty” O’Malley, also received a six-month sentence. He was put on the RedFlex payroll as part of the scam, according to prosecutors.



Anonymous said...

Big money in those cameras

Anonymous said...

No wonder you can't
go for the DNC Chair position!



Anonymous said...

Different Martin O'Mally. Not the former gov.

Anonymous said...

I hope Hillary and Bill are next! Then Jeh Johnson and Loretta Linch!

Anonymous said...

What? Graft and corruption in Chicago! I don't believe it (LOL). That's just business as usual in Chicago.