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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton looks for excuses, ignores Democratic Party failings

What a difference an election makes. Hillary Clinton and her team need to decide on a brand new slogan now that “I’m with her” means you’re an unemployed sycophant.

Having been crushed by Donald Trump making presidential elections great again, Hillary may want to inaugurate the less optimistic “It’s not her fault!” slogan, which is already echoing through her campaign, media, the Democratic Party, and safe-space dorm rooms everywhere.

During a conference call with donors the Saturday after the election, the wife of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend blamed FBI Director James M. Comey for her embarrassing and decisive loss to Mr. Trump.



Anonymous said...

It's not her fault. Someone else called me deplorable.

Anonymous said...

TRUMP 2016!!! Thanks to wiki leaks for showing us the truth.

Anonymous said...

True sign of a liberal. Never admitting any of their own faults.

Anonymous said...

Of course, when you have an election rigged, and fixed, it is hard to come up with reasons for losing.

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad Hillary lost!

Anonymous said...

That the voters overcame a Dem-rigged campaign and election is a testament to their power.