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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Young Grocery Shoppers Have No Idea Who This ‘Paul Newman’ Guy Is

Paul Newman was a very famous movie star. This will seem obvious to readers above a certain age and fans of classic films, but it is apparently not that obvious to all grocery shoppers. While you’d think that the late star’s Newman’s Own line of organic food that turns over profits to charity would be a hit with civic-minded foodies, that guy on the label may as well be Duncan Hines or Chef Boyardee to younger shoppers.

Well… maybe not that obscure, since many people don’t know whether those two men were real people or marketing department creations. Still, when Newman’s Own did some market research, the company discovered that relatively few younger shoppers knew that the company’s profits go to a charitable foundation.

In an article about the rebranding and ad initiative, the New York Times uses the “M” word: “millennials.” Suddenly, that makes sense: if you don’t know where the brand came from, it wouldn’t be obvious that it was started as a fundraiser.



Anonymous said...

Millinials = cluelessinials

Anonymous said...

Educate them.

Anonymous said...

I remember looking at the bottle wondering why Paul was making salad dressing,shows you millenials have thier heads up thier a## like usual.

Anonymous said...

He's Alfred Newman's brother, right?