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Monday, October 03, 2016

Trump demands Obama not pardon Clinton if she’s indicted

Donald Trump is demanding that President Obama not pardon Hillary Clinton if she’s indicted in the e-mail scandal.

“[H]ere is the demand I am making today to President Obama,” Trump said in front of an energetic crowd at a rally Friday in Michigan.

“Will you pledge, here and now, not to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country and society itself?”
Trump added, “No one is above the law. Not even Hillary Clinton.”

“Clinton and her cronies will say anything, do anything, lie about anything to keep their grip on power – to keep their control over this country,” he said.



Anonymous said...

I demand it too, as should every American citizen.

Anonymous said...

If he issues a pardon - it is an acknowledgement of guilt...and he is a participant in some of the activities...with intent through deception!

Anonymous said...

Like he gives a damn what Trump wants! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Seems Trump has a new 'demand' every day. Sad.

Why would she ever be indicted over something that's been independently investigated twice to find she did no wrongdoing? It was a communications system she inherited from the last administration, jeez.

Anonymous said...

He is trying to take attention off the fact that the Trump foundation was just ordered to cease by the New York AG.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he realize obama is the leader of this mess?

Anonymous said...


Check your facts. An email server in the clintons bathroom closet in Chappaqua NY was NOT inherited from the previous administration, and it was certainly NOT "independently" investigated. In fact Commey laid out all the places where Hillary broke federal law in his investigation report.

You must be just a clinton operative hack trolling on websites trying to place doubt about Hillery's corruption.

The clintons are the must dishonest corrupt despicable turds to ever walk the earth and you defend them? You deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

Gee and here I given to believe the Bush Administration was inept. And yet they had the foresight to set up a private server in Hillary's home...just in case she failed to win the nomination in 2004 and accepted the position of Secretary of State. I'm impressed! (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

The corrupt Democrats never prosecute their own. This administration is as corrupt, or more corrupt, than Hillary. That deal on the tarmac was as bad (and obvious) as it gets.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to run a campaign for POTUS.
Stop bashing Clinton.

Tell the American People why we should vote for you!

Anonymous said...