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Monday, October 03, 2016

PolitiFact Fails to Whitewash Hillary Clinton Uranium Scanda

Purported fact-checking outlet PolitiFact has run another Uranium One-Rosatom-Clinton State Department story first reported by The New York Times (NYT) and based on research from the NYT bestseller Clinton Cash. The article flat-out ignores several key facts and conflicts of interest, potentially damaging to the Democratic presidential nominee.

The most recent Uranium One fact-check article was researched by Tom Kertscher and edited by Greg Borowski. In July, PolitiFact staff writer Linda Qiu published a piece full of factual errors, glaring inaccuracies, and omissions.

Breitbart News published a full-scale 13-point refutation of the last Politifact Uranium One piece, which the latest one references.

Kertscher’s piece, however, is more of the same sloppy script.

Several of the 13 refutation points still apply to this latest “fact-check” article, but below are two additional points that deserve attention:

1. It’s true that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has nine agencies that approved the sale of American uranium reserves. However, only one of those agencies, the Hillary Clinton-led State Department, employed a person whose family foundation collected $145 million from investors in the deal — an alarming conflict of interest.


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