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Monday, October 03, 2016

State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG report

The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to a newly released Inspector General report.

The $6 billion in unaccounted funds poses a “significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” according to the report.

The alert, originally sent on March 20 and just released this week, warns that the missing contracting funds “could expose the department to substantial financial losses.”

The report centered on State Department contracts worth “more than $6 billion in which contract files were incomplete or could not be located at all,” according to the alert.

“The failure to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” the alert states.



Anonymous said...

The $6B was wagering money for Hillary and her bid for the presidency. Don't expect to find it. We are all her tools if we let her climb further.

Anonymous said...

Hidden in the Clinton foundation???

lmclain said...

Six billion.
With a "B".
THAT takes some effort.
No one is charged.
Snatch $20 out of the register at Dollar General and an army of police will chase you through neighborhoods with helicopters and dogs.
Misplace (!??) $6 billion and you run for ANOTHER GOVERNMENT JOB.
With benefits.
"We, the people" would already be in prison and thinking that a good benefit might be not getting the same cell as the weight lifting rapist.
I hear the FBI is "looking into it".
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

"Misplaced"? No, misdirected, right into the pockets of Hillary's many gang members.

Anonymous said...

Just for some perspective, six billion dollars would equal about 120 years of Salisbury's present city budget, or about 40 years of Wicomico County's budget.