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Monday, October 03, 2016

CNN: 20 Percent of Big Companies Pay NO Taxes

A new Government Accountability Office report showed that one in five big companies don’t pay any income taxes, according to CNN Money.

CNN Money reported that the GAO’s analysis found that before 2012, 24 percent of profitable large corporations owed no income tax in 2011, 22 percent owed nothing in 2010 and 21 percent owed nothing in 2009.

The analysis said that many of the reasons corporations owed no income tax were because of tax deductions for losses in previous years, depreciating assets that they were able to write off, and offshore profits that haven’t been brought back to the United States.

Of the large corporations that did have to pay income taxes that year, they owed a total of $268 billion.

In the years between 2008-2012, large corporations paid only 22 percent of their income in U.S. corporate income taxes after foreign, state, local taxes were included, a figure well below the 35 percent top corporate income tax rate.

Just in the past year, 27 companies on the Standard & Poor’s 500 paid nothing in income taxes, USA Today reported.

Some of these companies included Level 3 Communications, United Continental Airlines, and General Motors.



Anonymous said...

35%? way too high. even 22% is high

no person or corporation should ahve to pay more than 15-20% of their income in combined state/local/federal/property/ect taxes

Anonymous said...

If the big companies paid their fair share (which they have plenty of), then us little people would get a lower rate since we earn less. Then the government should have plenty of tax revenue to spend on the necessary things.

Anonymous said...

1:24 bingo.

Anonymous said...

1:24 comapanies pay their share.

do YOU pay any?

Anonymous said...

If Trump is so great why doesn't he announce all these loopholes that he's going to fix? Oh, that's right. Because no rich person in their right mind would say, "Here, take some more of my money."

Anonymous said...

Hello People - who wants to bet that the number of "NON-PROFITS" exceeds the number of for profit "businesses" in our country? Oh, yeah, and what about all those "CEOs" of the "NON-PROFITS" and their excessive salaries? Oh yeah, Planned Parenthood is "NON-PROFIT", too.

Anonymous said...

The late billionaire Kirk Kerkorian hadn't filed a personal tax return since 1960 because he lived through his Tricinda foundation and never took a paycheck and that's how the rich don't pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Trumps takes advantage of the tax laws BILL CLINTON made law. If your voting for Clinton then you support terroist.